Webinar - February 25, 2022

Webinar: Market Update, Feb 2022

February 2022

You are undoubtedly taking in current events. Inflation, interest rates and Ukraine are all probably on your mind. Along with concerns of a purely human perspective, you may be worried about how this will impact your investments and financial goals.

Although the situation may feel ‘unprecedented’, similar to the initial days of COVID, the market has been through this before.

While it probably seems easy for us to say, “Don’t worry,” we do know it is not always as simple to take that kind of advice on board. If that’s the case, reach out. We welcome your calls and emails and will be grateful for the chance to explain our thoughts and what we do to manage these types of events.

In this Market Update, we cover a lot of ground, but our advice remains unchanged. Watch for a reminder.

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