Blog - June 28, 2021

Insurance Needs Are The Same, But Accessing Insurance Isn’t Always

Some insurers have moved beyond sex as an identifier of gender and will insure people based on their gender identity.

If talking about money is tough, talking about insurance can feel even worse. It’s an extremely personal,  comprehensive and sometimes tedious process; even worse, it involves talking about life’s grim realities, which many find difficult to discuss, even in the hypothetical.

Unfortunately, for people in the trans community, the additional uncertainty around what to expect concerning the treatment of your gender identity by insurers, not to mention the openness of the advisor you are dealing with, can take a daunting task and make it seem impossible.

There’s good news, though. Some insurers have moved beyond sex as an identifier of gender and will insure people based on their gender identity. The bad news is that it’s not all insurers, making the job of getting insured that much more difficult on your own.

Applying for insurance can feel quite invasive. There are medical questionnaires and discussions of family history, topics that can de difficult for anyone. However, it’s important to remember that the point of insurance is to manage for and mitigate the risks we all share.

As we move through life, we take on responsibilities and obligations, carry them with us, and if everything goes to plan, we eventually fulfil them. However, we all have worries: leaving a surviving spouse with a home they can’t afford, maintaining a lifestyle in the face of illness, or caring for children should one parent find themselves moving forward alone. Insurance can be the right tool to manage those fears and protect the people you love, should your lives be impacted by accident, illness, or death.

The reality is that insurance, when you are trans, isn’t any different than it is for anyone; the reasons you have and the risks you’re concerned about are as varied and dynamic as anyone else’s.

Competent advisors will help you determine what will best protect you and your family while ensuring they’re working with insurance companies that respect you for who you are.

If you have any questions about this process or feel it’s time to think about how insurance can alleviate some of the worries you have for your family, let us know.

Insurance is the same, but accessing insurance can be difficult, let us help make it easier for you.


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