Let Us Make Life Less Taxing

As part of the wealth management offered through WLWP, we’re pleased to be able to refer you to the tax planning and preparation services of our sister company, WLWI.

Having investable wealth comes with complexity, it is a natural and unavoidable consequence. At WLWP we understand this and are working hard to help you feel confident that you’re doing all you can to plan for your taxes and aren’t paying more than you should be. 


Through our sister company WLWI we offer tax preparation and filing services to our wealth clients at a reasonable rate.  


If you want to see how much better it is to have a tax plan that works with your investment plan and takes away the hassle of filing your taxes, let us know. 

Please reach out. You can call 1-800-782-2345 or email us at help@wlwp.ca

Please note: Tax preparation services are provided independently and separately from iA Private Wealth Inc . iA Private Wealth Inc. and its affiliates do not provide income tax preparation services and do not supervise or review any income tax returns. Only the services offered through iA Private Wealth Inc, are covered by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.