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Press Release

Blog - March 2, 2020

I’m Ok, You’re Ok.

There was no way to accurately predict the coronavirus outbreak, and there is no way to accurately predict what comes next. These are factually correct statements that make you feel uncomfortable. And that’s OK. They should make you feel uncomfortable; that’s a perfectly natural human response. It’s a powerful evolutionary instinct to seek comfort and […]

Blog - February 27, 2020

Addressing Recent Market Volatility

Our team has been monitoring the coronavirus developments for several weeks. As the story unfolds and the virus continues to spread, securities markets have taken notice. Stock markets materially declined on February 24th and 25th as investors became worried. These market selloffs rear their head every few years – Trump’s election, Brexit, European debt crisis, etc. No […]

Blog - February 20, 2020

Reading Recommendations

If you’re trying to get your head in the right space for moving forward financially, we have some unique recommendations. No matter where you are in life (or finances), there’s a book on this list that will provide the information you need to get inspired for the next phase. These aren’t your grandma’s financial advisor’s […]

Blog - January 20, 2020

Market Update January 2020

Return of the Roaring Twenties? A century ago, the turn of the decade marked the beginning of a notable period in history – “The Roaring Twenties”. The 1920s were characterized by an emergence of social criticism and a distinctive cultural edge. Women’s rights were front and centre, the United States became more anti-immigration in policy, […]

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