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Press Release

Podcast - February 14, 2023

Episode 70: Off The Wall | The Wildest Financial Stories of Late

Every so often we hear about “an exciting financial opportunity” that has been offered to our clients, or even to someone on our team. While some of these ideas even made it within throwing distance of mainstream, to the well-trained eye they didn’t seem to make much sense. Let’s find out what the common themes […]

Blog - February 10, 2023

2022 Tax Filing Fee Schedule

Our sister company, WLWI, has been working on expanding its team of tax preparation specialists and now offers even more comprehensive support to meet your tax needs. The document below provides all the details about expanded services and pricing. If you have any questions or want to discuss WLWI’s tax services in more detail, please […]

Podcast - January 26, 2023

Episode 69: Questioning Inflation

It’s on everyone’s mind. Inflation and interest rates and what’s gonna happen next?! Josh and Colin share what we are (and are not) absolutely sure will (or will not) happen in the next 24 months, and does any of it even matter? What’s an investable decision, and what’s just a bit more noise in our […]

Podcast - January 20, 2023

Episode 68: Boldly Into the Future | The World Continues to Be Interesting

Colin and Josh covered some ground in this episode of Barenaked Money. Crypto, Tesla, Real Estate, Inflation…you name it, they talked about it. As Colin says, “Just accept the fact that the world is going to continue to be interesting.” He’s not wrong; listen in to find out everything that captured the guys’ interest this […]

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