We Answer Your Questions

Many people have questions about financial planning and wealth management; in fact, it’s a natural part of the investment process. To provide additional information, we’ve put together this list of frequently asked questions about financial planning and about White LeBlanc Wealth Planners, along with answers to each of them. This information is not investment advice, but is instead is designed to help you decide if you’re ready to talk with us about wealth planning.

How do I know if I need a financial advisor or investment planner?

Whether or not you need to obtain the services of a financial advisor really depends on you. The questions you should ask yourself are:

• Is my tax burden too high?

• Am I currently making the most of the money I earn?

• Do I have financial goals that I’m not comfortable accomplishing on my own?

• Am I comfortable with where I’ll be by retirement age if I keep on investing the way I have been?

• Will I be able to afford to send my children to university?

• Do I have enough insurance to accomplish my goals?

• Is there something more I could be doing with my business to enhance my business succession plan?

• Do I need a better plan for my estate?

If you’re not sure of the answers or are just not comfortable with them, working with a qualified financial advisor can help you change your financial future for the better.

My local bank offers financial planning services. How is that different from the what you provide?

There are a number of things that make us different from banks and even from other financial planning and investment firms. The most distinctive, however, is our process, which is tailored to every client. We delve deeply into your current financial position, your goals and your expectations, then create recommendations specifically for you. We also place a priority on building long-term relationships with our clients and our advisors to give you the confidence of knowing we’ll be here for you now and in the future.

Do you work with any type of investor?

Although White LeBlanc Wealth Planners works with a variety of individuals, families and business owners, we are not a perfect fit for every type of investor. Most often, we work with people who have financial resources to invest and grow, but who may be unsure about the options available to them. We are frequently the “next step” in terms of someone’s investment path; in other words, people who have saved money or otherwise acquired assets over time come to us now to make the most of what they’ve built.

Do you work with high net worth individuals?

We do work with many individuals whose incomes, investments and holdings are in the millions of dollars. As with all of our clients, we work with these individuals to evaluate and employ strategies reflective of their investment style and goals.